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Satya Skin Hair Clinic was established in year 2003 with a view to provide innovative treatments and impart superior patient care. With strict measures adhered towards excellence, Satya Skin Hair Clinic provides international quality treatments with the latest technological advances. Satya Skin Hair Clinic is a reliable name for skin and hair treatments having accumulated this good over the past 10 years. We are critically acclaimed in the fields of hair restoration and skin care, gaining a definitive edge over the other commercial centers. Going above and beyond in research and innovation, we pride ourselves in patented techniques such as DSFT and ScarLite™.

Headed by Dr.Shaiil Gupta and Dr.Ruchi Agarwal, the clinic aims to provide world class treatments at extremely affordable prices. Our results are natural, long lasting and have no side effects. Our anaesthesia techniques are unique with patients experiencing no pain during administration.(Zero pain Anaesthesia TM) Our expert panel provides elaborate consultation to address the needs of a patient to derive the best possible treatment for their problem. The ambience in our clinic is warm and our staff is very humble and friendly.

Satya Skin Hair Clinic is the only one in India to present indisputable techniques with extremely satisfying results.

Our Team

Our Philosophy

Satya Skin Hair Clinic treats each patient with empathy and discretion. A patient arriving at Satya Skin Hair Clinic is educated about their condition prior to treatment. Treatment protocols at our clinic are evolved and extremely patient friendly. Our patients are happy to be treated at our clinic, which encompasses a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our consultants are well-trained, efficient and take patient comforts seriously. Our infrastructure is state of the art and our doctors and therapists are well-qualified. Satya’s philosophy lies in being the most qualitative at affordable prices. Our treatments are effective, safe and our techniques clinically researched and proven. We place a lot of emphasis on client safety and positive results. We are a unique group which do not subscribe to gimmicks and ulterior motives. You will be glad that you were treated by us.

Why Choose Satya

People choose cosmetic treatments for a variety of reasons and these decisions are purely personal. But one thing is common within all reasons – the expectations. People expect realistic and quality results. Satya Skin Hair Clinic is an obvious choice for most patients because: Experience – Dr.Shail Gupta has been performing hair transplant and cosmetic reconstructive procedures for over 10 years. He credits himself more than 2500 hair transplants and more than 400 repair surgeries. Qualification – Dr.Ruchi Agarwal and Dr.Shaiil Gupta are world class surgeons trained and specialized in the areas of Platelet Rich plasma therapy and Mesotherapy. Safety and facility – A large part of a cosmetic clinic’s procedure depends on the anesthesia technique. Dr.Shail Gupta uses unique and painless methodologies for administration of anesthesia.(Zero pain Anesthesia TM) The emotional connection – Dr.Shail Gupta and Dr.Ruchi Agarwal are very empathetic surgeons. A patient feels extremely comfortable discussing their medical history and associated disturbances which are critical to the success of a procedure with them. Customer service – Satya Skin Hair Clinic employs friendly and courteous staff that are helpful at all stages. They are trained to quote fully and provide prompt replies to patient’s queries. Ambience – The ambience at the Satya Skin Hair Clinic is warm and inviting. Patients visiting our premises are made to feel comfortable with representatives willing to offer their support at every step of the way. Bouquet of treatments – Satya Skin Hair Clinic is the only one of its kind in India to offer all available cosmetic treatments under one roof. Quality – Satya Skin Hair Clinic has testimonials to their quality and consistent results that are provided at the clinic. So much so, that our clinic provides the “Satya Assurance” to all customers who opt for a treatment at Satya Skin Hair Clinic.

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