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What is subcision or punch float treatment?

Subcision or punch float is a treatment for acne scars. Scars which are usually not treated by any medication or even by many laser treatments, for them this treatment is very helpful.

It is a treatment, where fine needle is inserted into the deep layer of the skin, targeting the scars. This needling helps in breaking the collagen bands. It is an incision less subcutaneous surgery which is performed under topical anaesthesia.

While in punch float technique a small punch is used to treat deeper scars. In this method, a small size punch is cut from the skin and that is left there only. The scar is reduced in depth because the skin comes little up from the depth.

Why do we need this treatment?

This treatment can be done for people who have prolonged acne scars that are not cured by medicines or treatments. It can only be treated by subcision or punch float method. It is helpful to get rid of deep seated acne scar.

Things to Know

Generally 2-3 sessions of subcision or punch float are required. Repetition of the treatment should be done after the interval of 4- 6 weeks so that the effect of the first treatment can be seen and evaluated.
There are many indications where subcision technique can be used like deep scars, chicken pox scars, surgical scars etc.
People who have deep acne scars/chicken pox scars. Age is not specified but one can get this treatment done at the age of 18 years.
The needling procedure which is done during subcision helps in breaking the collagen bands so that the constant pull on the scars is reduced from the deeper layers.
This is a very safe treatment. It is done very cautiously keeping in mind the pros and cons of the treatment and one should be well experienced with the equipment and the procedure.
There are no side effects of this treatment but one can see few reactions like redness, swelling, slight pain which usually subsides in a couple of days. Sometimes bruising can occur, which is temporary.
The benefits which you get in the acne scars are permanent even if you stop taking the treatment. Although new eruption of acne can cause fresh scars.

One must use regular sun screen lotion

Avoid make up soon after the treatment.

Follow healthy diet and lifestyle.

Follow up after the treatment is very important to see the condition of the skin.

According to Dr shail Gupta,MD, a renowned dermatologist with almost 2 decades of experience in the field of dermatology acne scars can be seen due to many underlying condition and that cannot be cured by medicines alone. It is very safe and effective treatment but requires experience and skills. Only a trained dermatologist can perform this procedure and it can prove to be such a game changer in the treatment of acne scars.
Yes, this can be combined with other treatments if required and can be done only after the consultation by the experienced dermatologist.
Makeup should be avoided as this is a minor surgical procedure and the pores remain open due to the fine needles that are used during the treatment.
No this treatment does not make you skin sensitive but if one sees any reaction on the site of the procedure they must report it to the dermatologist as soon as possible to prevent further complications.
The down time of subcision treatment is of about 2-3 days. Well if the other treatments are combined, like PRP then the down time may vary.
Numbing cream is applied before procedure which makes the procedure comfortable for the patient. Injectable anaesthesia is also given afterwards to make the treatment more comfortable for the patient.
This treatment takes around 1 hour to perform depending upon the area involved and the depth of the scars.
It is basically done for the acne scars so the main area focused is the face.
As this is a minimal surgical procedure which requires an experienced dermatologist to perform this procedure and can have certain complications, if not done cautiously and at parlour we do not get surgical treatments. Only temporary treatments are done at parlour which may cause some allergic reactions.

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