Dull/ lifeless skin
What Is Dull Lifeless Skin Treatment?

Dull Lifeless Skin treatment is an age-defying laser procedure that results in skin rejuvenation and restoration. The procedure is designed to smooth deep and light wrinkles, return the youthful luminosity of the face and make it appear more radiant and refreshed.

Why Do You Need This Treatment?

After a certain point of time, the skin needs a little restoration. Anti-aging skin products that promise the world can only do so much. Laser basked dull skin treatment is a great and safe option to jack up the skin’s natural collagen production and tauten the skin. This treatment also helps promote lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, both of which are critical to good glowing skin.

Things to Know

Laser dull lifeless skin treatments require 8 to 10 repetitions which are normally advised to be 7 to 10 days apart. Once the course is completed, no further treatment is required for the time being. For maintenance of the results, touch up treatments are recommended every year.

The scope of a treatment like this is immense. It is designed to reverse aging by visibly reducing the signs of aging. It addresses fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, liver spots, skin dullness, skin infirmity and reduced collage. Through this treatment spots and blemishes can be reduced, lines can be filled up and the youthful firmness of skin can be restored.

A little bit of aftercare is involved in skin rejuvenation treatments. To make this treatment work faster and better, you need to consume adequate water on a daily basis. Avoid using makeup soon after the treatment. A gel-based cream should be applied twice a day to keep the skin soothed and refreshed. Use only cool or cold water to wash your face after the treatment. Excessive sweating is prohibited for a few days. Avoid sun exposure and alcoholic drinks to make the treatment work fully.

Dull lifeless skin treatments deliver quick and lasting results. Results will start to show after a couple sittings. However, it will take a couple more weeks or so from the date of the final treatment for the results to become visible.

The results of laser anti-aging skin treatments are long lasting. Once the skin is restored and results are visible, they will continue to show for a long time. Through proper after-care you can make the results last even longer. A standard time period is 5 years to 7 years. Beyond this, it requires regular maintenance treatments to preserve the results.

The risks of this treatment are very minimal. Rarely do patients experience any side effects from the treatment. If anything, the skin may feel a little sensitive for a few days. During this time, avoid slathering your face with a lot of makeup products. Leave it alone for a while before resuming your beauty routine.

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