What are wrinkles?

Wrinkles are formed when the skin loses its protective capacity and becomes susceptible to damage. The skin becomes thin, less elastic and dry due to wrinkles. They appear as accentuated ridges or folds and are predominantly a result of facial expressions. Both the layers of the skin the dermis and the epidermis form wrinkle due the skin’s inability to hold moisture. As a result, the elastin and the collagen in the skin breakdown leading to the formation of fine facial lines or wrinkles.

What are the causes of wrinkles?

Wrinkles starts appearing as we age, ageing is a natural process so wrinkles are a part of ageing. One gets wrinkles as we grow old our skin stats getting thinner, it loses its elasticity, and it tends to become dry. Repeated expressions for too long can also lead to wrinkles at an early age. When we are young our son is flexible but at an older age we lose our elasticity thus causing more permanent grooves. There are other environmental factors that can contribute to this condition like exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, smoking and drinking can also led to early wrinkle formation.

Things to Know

Wrinkle starts appearing above 30 yrs of age but in today’s life style where people have no time to take care of their skin and themselves due to hectic work load and other factors related directly or indirectly can lead to wrinkle formation even after the age of 20.
No, there is no gender predilection for this condition as both male and female have wrinkles as they grow. But females are more concern about their looks so yes one needs to try to avoid them by some procedures or treatments.
Stress is a common aspect of life these days and can lead to a variety of diseases, including melasma. Having a sedentary and stressful lifestyle can lead to a condition called PCOD or Polycystic ovarion disease in females. This is one of the commonest associations found with melasma. Having a healthy lifestyle and a stress free life helps in the treatment and maintenance.
No, wrinkle is not genetically predisposed. As everyone grows so wrinkle starts appearing if one does not takes precautions at an early age as and when they starts appearing.
Medicine does not cure wrinkles but there are some procedures that can help combat the condition.

These are the few different treatment options that one can opt for treating wrinkles.

  • PRP: It is a wonderful treatment that can defy the signs of aging like wrinkles. Platelet rich plasma helps in building new collagen and gradually lightens up the wrinkles present on face.
  • Botox: Botox is an amazing treating which helps to treat crow’s feet around the corner of the eyelids, and frown lines present between the eyebrows. The effect of Botox is quite instant and the results start appearing from the next day itself. Although repetition of sittings would be required after few months.
  • Threadlift: This procedure is executed by inserting bio degradable threads on your face by which a pull is created and thus wrinkles starts vanishing.

All these treatments are categorized under the category of collagen Induction.

Yes these treatments are safe and they should be executed only by expert dermatologist, as different treatment may require different handing and understanding of each treatment can give the best results.
One must follow all the precautions as told by the dermatologist like use of heeling creams, moisturiser and precaution for few days to go out in sun.
Ageing is an ongoing process so the treatment has to be done at early stages of life, but yes one can continue the treatment for the maintenance.
According to Dr. Ruchi Agarwal, MD (renowned dermatologist), says ageing is an ongoing process and anything related to ageing is natural and one among them are wrinkles. Wrinkles are a sign of aging and some patients develop them because of genetics also. But as the condition can be treated, so patients can easily get rid of them.
A prior consultation is required with the dermatologist to understand the need of the treatment. Selection of the right treatment according to your needs is very much necessary. Knowing the downtime of the individual treatment and its outcome is equally important. After a thorough consultation , patient can opt for the treatment and can get it done after taking a prior appointment as per his/her availability.

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