Resurrect Your Youth: The Thread Lift Explained

Ageing is something that happens to everyone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to make it look more graceful. There are plenty of ways to delay the signs of ageing, from using anti-aging creams to getting Botox injections. But what if there was a way to turn back the clock without painful injections […]

I Tried Laser Hair Removal Before My Wedding, and Here’s Why I’ll Never Go Back

Laser hair removal is a popular choice for brides-to-be who want to have smooth and hairless skin on their wedding day. But is it worth the money, pain, and time? I tried laser hair removal before my own wedding, and here’s why I’ll never go back to old hair removal methods. I had always felt […]

Get that dewy, celebrity skin with hydrafacial!

People spend a fortune on creams, serums, brightening packs, and treatments to achieve better-looking skin. With Satya’s special Hydra facial, you can attain a natural glow in less than 30 minutes. Dermatologist treatments are proven effective in healing and repairing your skin from the inside. Our specialist doctors with many years of experience have been […]

Dandruff Problem in Winter: Tips for Prevention

It’s that time of the year again when the weather starts to get colder and the air gets drier. And for many people, that means one nightmare: DANDRUFF. Dandruff is a common condition that causes flakes of skin to fall from the scalp. It’s usually not serious, but it can be inconvenient, embarrassing and difficult […]

Top 5 skin problems in winter and how to treat them

Whether it’s the cold, dry air or indoor heating, winter can be really tough on skin. Many people experience an uptick in skin problems during the winter months. While some skin issues are simply an convenience, others can be more serious. Here are a few of the most common winter skin problems and how to […]

Fractional Laser: The Most Effective Skin Laser Treatment

Is your skin looking dull and showing signs of fine lines in recent times? Well! You’re on the right page to get your solution here. It’s time to peel away your dull skin and reveal a new layer of glowy and healthy skin. That’s essentially what fractional laser treatment does. What is a fractional laser […]

Will quitting smoking improve my skin?

Smoking is one of those habits that people tend to cultivate in their years of youth, even though they may be already aware to a certain degree that it is not good for their health. Apart from affecting the functioning of the heart and lungs, smoking can also have a nasty effect on your skin. […]

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars: Dermatologist Tips

Getting acne can be a really frustrating thing since it can affect your facial appearance. Excess oil and the presence of dead skin can lead to acne. Sometimes, acne has also been related to hormonal changes in the body that teenagers usually go through. Nevertheless, acne has been linked to people of practically all age […]

Beauty is not just skin deep

In my practice, I come across many patients who visit me with a desire for clear radiant skin whatever their age may be. But all the effort they are ready to put in for the same is just apply a cream for a few days. This may sound a little blunt but dear friend; there […]

Get rid of your unwanted hair: Laser hair removal

Unwanted hair removal is a common problem in females, which is very irritating and troublesome. Laser Hair Removal is the latest solution Available. Sometimes there is an underlying hormonal imbalance that needs to be treated first and then gradually unwanted hair removal sittings can be taken up. Proper consultation with diagnosis is very important to […]