Open pores
What is the cause of open pores?

Open pores are caused when sebaceous glands secrete a lot of oil from them. Glands on our face that secrets oil is known as sebaceous glands. They are present on side of the hair follicles, so the pilosebaceous unit or the opening of these glands gives the appearance of open pores, they are present on nose, side of the cheeks and are not just the pigmentation but it can have different causes:

  1. Excessive sun exposure
  2. Disrupted sleep cycle/lack of sleep
  3. Stress
  4. Allergy
  5. Smoking
  6. Iron deficiency
  7. Ageing
  8. Excessive use of cosmetics

Things to Know

No, there is no gender predilection for open pores. It can be seen in people with oily skin and sometimes in dry skin types too as they age. Open pores are natural as one need these glands to moisture the skin to keep it intact, so one must understand that open pores are not disease.
A stressful life, inadequate water intake, lack of nutrients in diet, lack of sleep, being awake late night, oily and junk food can aggravate this condition. It is important to take proper rest & take out time from your busy schedule and start doing some meditation.
The skin of the face is comparatively thinner and that is why extremely delicate. So a good hydration and some home remedies definitely help in treating open pores, and one must understand that it is not possible to completely get rid of them. If one needs to get rid of open pores then a person needs to get rid of these glands and this not possible. As these glands help to keep the skin moisturised this in turn helps us to look more youthful and glowing.
As such no genetic predisposition is seen, but in few patients it has been noticed, that the children had same type of open pores as it were present on their parent’s face. Although rare, but there is a minor possibility.
Open pores do respond to medicines to an extent, but as the area is lacking good blood supply so the use of medicines should be combined with physical treatments as well to achieve desirable results. Although medicines alone have proved to be very beneficial in some cases but in long standing cases of open pores, it would require the help of procedural treatments. There are many creams and lotions that the cosmetic markets tend to sell but it’s not possible to completely get rid of open pores but yes it is possible to minimise or reduce the appearance of the open pores. If one has large pores it is very difficult to get smooth skin. One can rub ice as a quick fix for open pores for a short period of time

Satya Skin Clinic has a variety of suggestions and treatments to offer for open pores. We have been treating open pores patients for almost two decades now with a very high satisfaction rate. It is usually a combination of lifestyle changes, medicines and some procedural treatment in most of the cases. Every treatment plan is tailored according to individual patient’s needs. Some of the treatments are mentioned here:-

1. Yoga and meditation – Yoga and meditation work wonders to relieve stress and refresh the body. It relaxes you and gives absolute peace of mind. When stress is relieved, one feels good about their skin.

2. Medications – The medicines are given after finding the cause of open pores.

  • Use of moisturising lotions which are non comedogenic and a gentle cleanser is advised. One must not scrub the face too harsh, and avoid harsh exfoliants that can worsen the condition of the skin thus causing more secretion of oil and the gland becomes more prominent.
  • One must avoid make up or use minimal make and take it off before going to bed, as they clog the pores and makes the pores more prominent. Use of water based make up can be a solution instead of oil based make ups.
  • One must use face wash that contains Salicylic acid as it helps to reduce oil formation on the skin and later on shrink the pores.
  • Use of sunscreen is mandatory as it give a lot of protection to the skin.
  • One who is suffering from open pores must avoid milk and dairy products and diet high in sugar.

3. Procedural treatments like chemical peels contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid which helps in reducing open pores.

4. Treatment like micro needling radio frequency (MNRF) creates many holes/punctures on the skin thus initiating new collagen formation in the skin in return making the skin smooth. MNRF can be done in a gap of 2-4 weeks depending on person to person needs.

All the above mentioned treatments are very beneficial and it is done according to the need of the patient. Sometimes the treatments can be combined together to give best results to the patients.

All the treatments done for open pores are safe and US FDA approved.
As there are different treatments available for open pores, one can get it done after the age of 15 years. The treatments are safe and certified by the dermatologists.
There are no side effects of the treatment as these treatments as helps in new collagen synthesis and improves blood circulation.
Use of sunscreen is very important to avoid post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. A good SPF sunscreen should be applied at least twice in a day after the procedure. If dryness persists then use of moisturiser is advisable.
Patients having open pores can get this treatment.
Ageing is an ongoing process. These treatments help in new collagen formation and helps in reducing the secretions of melanocytes. After taking a series of these treatments improvement is significantly visible on the skin. So leaving these treatments will not get back the condition but due to ageing new changes might be seen later on.
These treatments which are done to cure open pores, are very much safe and are not related to any season. One should follow the post op instructions given by the doctor. Take care regarding the application of sunscreen and moisturiser can help to some extent.
A prior consultation is required with the dermatologist to understand the need of the treatment. Medicines work hand in hand with the procedural treatments. Selection of the right treatment according to your needs is very much necessary. Knowing the downtime of the individual treatment and its outcome is equally important. After a thorough consultation , patient can opt for the treatment and can get it done after taking a prior appointment as per his/her availability.

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