Uneven Skin Tone Treatment
What Is Uneven Skin Tone Treatment?

Uneven skin tone treatment is a corrective laser procedure that is designed to treat hyperpigmentation. It aims to restore the skin’s natural even tone, by making it clearer and more radiant through targeted laser therapy. The heat from the laser penetrates the top layer of the skin and hits the skin cells stimulating them to regenerate. It reduces pigmentation by destructing the pigments causing them to slough away with in weeks.

Why Do You Need This Treatment?

Uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation can be caused by an ‘n’ number of factors. Sun damage, age, hormones, for women, the causes are endless. Whatever age you are at, unevenness of skin tone is an unsightly flaw. It cannot be easily covered up with a touch of concealer or a dab of cc cream. It requires a proven treatment to fight hyperpigmentation. Uneven skin tone treatment evens out skin tone making it appear visibly radiant.

Things to Know

Everybody needs a personalized treatment plan as everybody’s problem is unique. For a normal case of uneven skin tone, multiple sessions are needed to be performed over a period of 2 to 6 weeks. Full correction of the unevenness takes about 3 to 4 therapies in total.

The procedure helps clear small blemishes and spots, and improve the general texture of the skin. So, you can expect to see freckles and age spots lightening within weeks. It also treats red blotches on the skin. Hyperpigmentation improves skin firmness and slows down skin aging.

Results of hyperpigmentation treatment are long-standing with regular after-care and maintenance treatments.

The treatment may cause some redness and swelling immediately after. Your pigments may appear darker but rest assured, they will peel off within the next two weeks. The redness is caused by the exposure of the skinto the heat. The more aggressive the treatment is, the longer it will take for the swelling and soreness to disappear. The standard time for any signs of treatment to disappear is one to two days.

Uneven skin tone treatment is relatively safe and has very low risks of adverse effects. However, skin may feel raw for a day or two during which time it is forbidden to apply any makeup or skincare products not recommended by the doctor. Your skin may also feel a little sensitive to sunlight, but that goes away too the next day.

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