Double chin
What is the double chin?

Double chin is medically called submental fat pad or jowls. There is excess fat accumulation in the chin and jowl area causing visible loss of contour to the mandible. Generally related to obesity, it may also be present in individuals who are not fat. The cervicofacial angle of the youthful neck is around 118 degrees and with the collection of submental fat there is obvious decrease in cervicofacial concavity. An undefined mandibular border is also indicative of aging.

It would not be a surprise to note that 25% of the liposuction is conducted in the submental area usually in association with facelift procedures.

Candidates for removal of double chin present with generalized severe or even mild obesity, excess and isolated submental fat and periocular wrinkling.

What are the causes of double chin?

Sagging jowls or double chin not only makes you look older but also completely alters the way you look. Some of the contributing factors to sagging submental fat are genetic, environmental, natural aging process and repetitive facial expressions. As you age vital components of the skin such as collagen and elastin are lost and gravitational forces take a toll on your skin. This pull causes sagging of the skin and there is no protein in the skin to keep it firm.

Things to Know

Double chin can be seen in any age group depending upon the condition of life style they live in, but it is usually seen in people between the age of 18-65 yrs.
No gender is specified for this condition as both male and female can have double chin, depending upon the lifestyle and diet and lastly the environmental condition that they live in plays a very important role in ones lifestyle.
Double chin is con can be seen in some families, but it is more commonly seen in ethnic groups as compare to others. It is a layer of fat accumulated around the neck, once the skin losses its elasticity it becomes very hard for the skin around the neck to stay firm.
Stress is a common aspect of life these days and can lead to a variety of diseases. Having a sedentary and stressful lifestyle can lead to a condition called PCOD or Polycystic ovarion disease in females. So, poor life style can lead to many conditions that can affect the standard of life. Having a healthy lifestyle and a stress free life helps in the treating many problems associated with them.
Yes these treatments are safe but if its done under supervision of a dermatologist, as different treatment may require different handing and understanding of each treatment can give the best results.

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