Eyebrow Enhancement/ Microblading
What is microblading treatment?

Eyebrows enhancement or microblading is a technique where fine needles are used to create a look or an illusion of hair like marks or fuller brows by depositing a pigment under the skin which is same as your natural hair colour. It can be termed as a semi tattoo technique. It is very much used in todays world. It is also sometimes called hair-like strokes or feather touch or embroidery.

Why do we need this treatment?

Microblading is the treatment done to create a natural look of the brows, it is basically done to reshape the appearance both in colour and shape of the brows.

What are the indications?

Eyebrow enhancement or microblading is usually done fro people who have thin eyebrows, no shape or the colour of brows is mismatch or who have lost the eyebrow hair due to any underlying problem.

Things to Know

Microblading results can last upto one to three years, depending upon the type of the skin one has like for oily skin the ink tends to fade fast as compare to dry or normal skin. And the type of products used and lastly ones lifestyle plays a very important role. So a touch up might be required after an year or so.
One should not worry about any treatment if he/ she is visiting a well know clinic where an experienced dermatologist is performing the treatment. So, there is hardy any risk involved.
No, there are no side effects of microblading, but one can see some reactions of the treatment as every individual is different and they respond differently to the individual treatment. The reactions usually subside after some time. One must know all the pros and cons of the treatment before getting it done. We recommend that you should always get this treatment under the supervision of a trained dermatologist.
  • One must avoid direct sun exposure
  • Avoid makeup but one use make after the skin is healed.
  • One must not wet the brows for at least 4-5 days as the skin takes time to heal.
  • Use a good sunscreen and a moisturising lotions.
  • And one must follow all the instructions give by the doctor and inform any allergic reaction after the treatment.
According to our expert Dr Shail Gupta, MD is a renowned dermatologist & a hair transplant surgeon with almost 2 decades of experience, microblading can be combined with natural hair transplant reconstruction of eyebrows to give it more natural and denser look.
Yes, this statement can be combined with other treatments.
One must avoid make up soon after the treatment as to avoid any allergic reaction.
The down time of microblading treatment is around one week. The healing time usually varies from person to person. Since it merges well with the existing eyebrow hair, hardy anything is noticable.
No, this treatment is not painful at all as numbing creams or topical anaesthesia is applied before the treatment. Which makes the treatment less or no painful treatment.
Microblading treatment takes around 30-40 minutes. Depending on how person wants the brows to look in shape, fuller etc.
Microblading or eyebrows enhancement is basically done for eyebrows.

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