Bridal Facial Contouring
What Is Bridal Facial Contouring?

Bridal facial contouring is the procedure of tightening the jawline and sharpening the overall shape of the face. This procedure helps to get rid of age-related or in-born flaws in the facial shape, giving it an instant sharpness and symmetry.

Why Do You Need This Treatment?

This procedure is recommended to people with visible imperfections in the facial area ranging from double chin to frown lines to loose skin tofatty deposits. For such people, this treatment ensures anenhanced facial contour. The treatment leaves the cheek bones appearing higher, the brows lifted and the nose perfectly contoured.

How Frequently Should It Be Done?

Most patients find the results of a one-time bridal contouring treatment pretty satisfactory, and if maintained well the results can last many years. However, for patients keen on prolonging the perfect results of face contouring, we recommend maintenance treatments once to twice a year.

Things to Know

Bridal facial contouring is a very promising cosmetic treatment. It is purposed to bring about all-round improvements in the appearance of the person involved. Its direct results include reduction in fat deposits from the face and adjacent areas, better shape around the jawline and lifted and toned skin.

The treatment normally takes just one quick sitting.The session goes on from about 45 to 90 minutes. If you stop by our clinic during lunch break, the session would be over by the time you have to return to work.The more concerns you have, the longer it’d take to address them.

Bridal contouring is a non-invasive procedure that has little to no downtime. You can go back to your normal routine almost immediately after. There is no need to miss a day at work or even take the rest of the day off.

Pain is a primary concern among all interested patients, and we assure them that this process is very mild and painless. Ours is a zero pain procedure. However, there may be a little discomfort during the procedure but that subsides within the next hour or so.

Bridal facial contouring being a treatment exclusively designed for brides-to-be delivers very natural looking results. Please know though that the results of this treatment, like all other cosmetic treatments, are variable from one patient to the next. The risk of side effect of bridal facial contouring is significantly low.

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