Hair Transplant
What Is Bridal Hair Transplant?

Bridal hair transplant is an outpatient cosmetic procedure in which hair growth is restored through transplantation of hair follicles from one site to another. Through this process, hair follicles are transferred from a dense area in the scalp to a thinning area. This helps even hair growth all over the head.

Why Do You Need This Treatment?

Brides-to-be who are suffering from hair thinning or significant hair loss need to try this treatment for a quick and visible correction. This treatment is designed for people who have light patches in their scalps that are not responding well to hair regrowth medications.

Things to Know

Bridal hair transplant is a one-time procedure for most patients. However, for those with extensive hair loss and multiple thinning patches on the scalp, a second or even a third sitting might be required to restore the natural growth. A significant amount of time is given between each sitting to monitor the speed and scope of development.

Bridal hair transplant is a very promising procedure in the long run. But you need to be patient to see full hair coverage. It takes a standard of three to four weeks for the first signs of hair regrowth, but once hair starts to appear, they keep growing in the natural cycle. It will take a minimum of 8 months to see the full effects of the procedure. The time may vary from one patient to the next.

Since the procedure involve relocating of healthy hair follicles from a dense to a thinning part, the results of the treatment is longstanding. These follicles are genetically resistant to thinning, balding and such problems. They continue to grow in normal cycles for life.

Bridal hair transplant procedures with us involves proven expertise to ensure expert care. There is next to no pain with this surgery. We administer anesthetics to make sure that you are comfortable during the procedure. You may feel a little soreness and bruising afterwards, which is mildly discomforting at most, but that subsides soon enough. A few painkillers keep the pain in check until it’s gone.

It depends on the kind of procedure you opt for. With bridal hair transplant, we lean towards the least invasive procedure where scarring is minimal, and invisible to untrained eyes. Since the donor site is normally at the back of the head where hair is the densest, scars are unlikely to even be seen under normal condition.

Areas where work is done will see some hair fall following the procedure, but that’s perfectly normal. Doctors call it shock-loss and it happens due to miniaturization and weakening of strands in the concerned sites. There is no reason to be alarmed by a little hair loss immediately after the procedure. Hair in those parts will grow back in the coming months.

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