What is lip enhancement /augmentation treatment?

Lip enhancement or augmentation is treatment done to plump up the lips. It is a cosmetic procedure where injectable fillers are used to make the lips fuller or plump up the lips, there are a lot of filler that are used but most common ones used are hyaluronic acid as it is already present in our body it is a natural substance found in our body. The product has hygroscopic properties and it absorbs water which can really make your lip look well hydrated. it increases o volume in the lips. The molecular weight of this material used specially for the lips is less than the other sites and the newer variants are very much mouldable which can help you to achieve the shape you have always dreamt of. There are many hyaluronic acid fillers among them are:- Restylane & Juvederm. There are two variants of juvederm which we use for lips. Juvederm ultra plus and Volbella. Volbella is the latest edition and gives excellent control to the physician and gives you amazing & consistent results.

Why do we need this treatment?

Lip enhancement or augmentation can be done to improve the appearance of the lips, it is basically done to correct the shape, structure and volume of the lips. So anybody who wants to improve the facial aesthetics without letting anybody know that he/she has done something, this procedure is ideal as there is no or minimal downtime and the results can be seen instantly.

Who needs this treatment and at what age group should it be done?

Lip enhancement or lip augmentation can be done for both male and female and age is not specified but one can get it done after the age of 18 yrs.

Things to Know

This treatment can be done once in 6-24 month depending upon the product used and how individual is responding to the treatment. As the fillers which we use are made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the skin, it gets dissolved by the skin over a period of time.
The products that are used for lip enhancement e.g. hyaluronic acid used in juvederm ultra or ultra plus or volbella is a very safe product as it is already found in the body. So one should not worry about anything if one is visiting an experienced dermatologist, who is trained to perform these procedures. The quality of products & training of the doctor both matter equally. But these days a lot of patients get these treatments done at parlours of beauty chain clinics. This sometimes can prove to be hazardous. So it is a must that you consult a trustworthy & experienced doctor with a good aesthetic sense.
There are no side effects of the treatment but one can have slight pain on the injection site, inflammation, swelling, redness, bleeding and bruising. But it usually subsides after sometime. In some patients if the doctor is not experienced or if the patient is getting these treatments done a parlours, serious complications can occur if the injection is given in a wrong plane or in an artery.
The effect of the treatment lasts for the specified period, depending upon the type of product used, the level at which injections have been given & the metabolism of the patient. The effect may last for 1 year or 2 years & then you can get a repeat session done, if you want to continue the benefits. Or else you may just stop, the effect will go away. But the effect is so amazing, that nobody stops the treatment in between.
Icing can be oden to reduce the swelling and minimise the discomfort. One should not get involved in heavy exercise or bending too much immediately after the procedure. You can do all your routine activities. Nothing is visible as there is almost no downtime. In case you have severe burning pain or a lot of redness or swelling in the treated area, you must consult your doctor immediately. Lipstick or any other lip products should be avoided soon after the treatment. One must follow all the instructions give by the doctor and inform any allergic reaction after the treatment.
According to our expert Dr Ruchi Aggarwal, MD is a renowned dermatologist with almost 2 decades of experience in the field of dermatology, this treatment is a magic treatment for people who want to look gorgeous and had always wanted. The best part of the treatment is that, the change is noticed by everyone but nobody knows what you have done. But it should be done with caution and one must not overdo it, otherwise it becomes very obvious as you must have seen it in case of many Bollywood or Hollywood celebrities. Doctor should spend quality time with the patient to understand his/her concerns & both doctor and the patient should work as a unit to achieve the desired result.
Yes, this treatment can be combined with other treatments. The treatment has hardly any downtime and can easily fit into any treatment regimen.
One must avoid lipsticks or lip products soon after the treatment. But can use it after the skin heels.
There is little or no down time for this treatment.
No, this treatment is not painful at all as numbing cream or topical anaesthesia is applied before the treatment. Which makes the treatment very much comfortable for the patient.
This treatment usually takes around 10-20 minutes depending upon the needs of individual and the amount of the product used.
As the name suggests lip enhancement or lip augmentation is usually done to enhance lips. These fillers can be used to shape up the nose, chin, under eye area or any other facial enhancement treatment.

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