Get rid of your unwanted hair: Laser hair removal

Unwanted hair removal is a common problem in females, which is very irritating and troublesome. Laser Hair Removal is the latest solution Available.

Sometimes there is an underlying hormonal imbalance that needs to be treated first and then gradually unwanted hair removal sittings can be taken up. Proper consultation with diagnosis is very important to treat the underlying cause of increased hair growth.

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses a laser to destroy hair follicles. This can be an effective way to remove unwanted hair from the face, legs, arms, and other parts of the body.

How does laser hair removal work?

A laser device emits a beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. This heat damages the follicle, preventing the hair from growing back.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments needed for laser varies depending on the area of the body being treated and the thickness and color of the hair. Most people need 6-8 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Precautions for Unwanted Hair Removal Treatment

But many times, the patients get unwanted hair removal done at salons and advanced franchise-based clinics where they don’t even meet the dermatologist and directly start taking the unwanted hair removal sittings.

It is really important to understand that laser hair removal is a medical term and there is a reduction in hair growth rather than 100% removal.

If the hormonal imbalance persists in a patient then laser hair removal won’t give any benefits.

How to choose a clinic for Laser hair removal

So if a patient is getting unwanted hair removal done from a franchise-based center, he/she may not get fair treatment as the diagnosis is not made properly and outdated machines are being used.

As the machines are hired outside, the efficacy of the machines is already compromised, due to which multiple sittings are given to the patients.

In the form of unlimited sittings for a year which causes laser-associated complications like burns, hyperpigmentation, and scarring.


So always consult a qualified Dermatologist/dermatologist-based clinic when you are looking for unwanted hair removal in Delhi.
As compared to other methods like threading, waxing, and plucking, laser for unwanted hair removal is far ahead as it gives permanent results. Unwanted hair removal not only reduces the number of hair but also reduces the thickness of the hair.

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