Telogen effluvium

This is a reversible condition in which hair falls out after a stressful experience. The stress pushes large numbers of hair follicles into a resting phase. Within a few months, those hairs can fall out.

What are causes of Telogen effluvium?

Cause of Telogen effluvium is stress. Types of stress can include surgery, childbirth and serious illness. It can also be preceded by fever or illness.

How do we treat Telogen effluvium?

In most of the cases it is self resolving. Here at Satya we have wide range of treatment option available like medicinal treatment , platelet rich plasma , low laser light treatment , mesotherapy , natural hair transplant, synthetic hair transplant , scalp micro pigmentation , microblading etc.

Thinks to Know

Though hair transplant is not required in most of the cases, but in rare circumstances of irreversible damage it can be done. Yes hair transplant can be done in condition if the patient is ideal candidate for hair transplant. Hair Transplant surgeon will access the patient and guide what best can be done to have realistic results.

This condition is stress induced so can recur depending upon circumstances and life situations.

Yes , at Satya Skin and hair transplant clinic we have seen wonderful results in Telogen effluvium with prp alone.

Ideally this condition is self limiting and response very well with medicinal treatment. Synthetic Hair transplant can be done under the proper supervision of expert hair transplant surgeon if required. Patch test is generally advised to the patient before undergoing treatment.

Scalp micro pigmentation is medical tattooing to give camouflage affect to thin hairs. It can be done alone as well as in combination with other treatment to give more realistic results.

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