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What is laser hair removal treatment?

Laser hair removal is a very popular treatment in Delhi, and other places as well. Laser hair removal gives delayed hair growth or completely eliminates unwanted hair. Unwanted hair growth is a common problem faced by both male an female as it is associated with hormonal imbalance. Whatever may be the reason one can see unwanted hair growth in different parts of the body. unwanted hair growth can also be due to age and medications in some patients.

Why do we need this treatment?

One can get this treatment done to reduce or get rid of unwanted hair from any part of the body as it is very safe and quick procedure. There are three machines that are used for laser hair removal namely; Diode, Long Pulse Nd Yag and IPL.

Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal is a very popular treatment in delhi and other cities. Laser delays the hair growth or we can say permanent hair reduction. Most of the clinics or salons, explain it as permanent hair removal which is not right. Its always a permanent hair reduction. This procedure can be performed in both males and females. Excess hair growth can always be due to hormonal imbalance or medication side effects too. We can always find excessive hair growth or thick coarse hair in males and females with –

  • Hypertrichosis syndrome
  • Hirsutism
  • PCOS
  • Thyroid problems
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Medications (steroids, cyclosporine, prolactin)
  • Hormonal imbalance

One should always keep in mind, before going for laser hair reduction, that it should always be performed under a tearn of professionally qualified dermatologist after medical examination and a renowned skin and laser clinic with US FDA Approved laser machines. We have different equipments in Satya Laser and Hair Clinic (IPL, Diode, long pulsed ND-YAG), for different types of hair growth. If you are looking for best skin and hair clinic in delhi or near by, you are at the right platform.

Things to Know

This treatment can be done once there is regrowth of hair. the growth of hair varies from person to person and male female.

Anyone can get this treatment as it is quite safe and effective treatment Both male and female can opt for this treatment as it saves time and does not require one to go every time under-pain at parlours and any one can get rid of their unwanted hair at any age.

Laser hair removal work on the principal of light absorption so the pigment in hair acts as chromophobe and absorbs selectively lights of certain wavelength & this light is absorbed by hair bulb only not by the surrounding skin tissues. So there is selective heating of bulb of hair and it gets damaged without damaging or disturbing surrounding skin tissues. This is the principle of laser hair removal which helps in reduction of hair by number and thickness, if the hair does not have pigment then those hair are not going to respond to the treatment ( laser hair removal). Depending upon the wavelength which is indeed decide on the basis of skin colour and type of the patient we recommend different lasers the commonest being diode laser ( as this is highly effective for darker skin complexion) and IPL is the second most advanced diode laser. It has its own advantages and can be combined with diode laser too. ND-Yag long pulse laser is also other type of hair removal which is again very effective and safe procedure.

Laser hair removal is a very safe procedure and does not require much time to do it.

There are few side effects:-

  • Redness for some times which can subside on its on
  • Temporary hyper pigmentation
  • Thats why this treatment has to be done under supervision of experience.

Laser hair removal treatment has to be done on regular intervals, but the duration can be increased after few sessions, as the growth of hair will slowdown gradually.

One must keep few important point before and after the treatment like;-

  • Avoid plucking, bleaching Orr waxing 3 weeks before the treatment.
  • remove any kind of makeup or any kind of oily creams before the treatment.
  • Use sunscreen lotions before going out in the sun after the treatment.
  • One must avoid going to the parlours for any hair removal treatments after the treatment.
According to our expert Dr Ruchi Agarwal, MD is a renowned dermatologist with almost 2 decades of experience in the field of dermatology. She says that this treatment is becoming very popular in todays world as people dont have time to go to the parlours, so they can go for this treatment and get the desired results and save a lot of time.
Yes, but only with non-invasive treatments.
No, makes should not be applide after the treatment and even any type of bleaching products. one must avoid waxing, plucking, threading after the treatment.
No, this treatment does not make your skin sensitive.
No downtime is associated with laser hair removal.
No, laser hair removal is a Painless treatment.
The duration of one session depends upon the location and area of the hair growth but usually takes around 30-40 minutes.
The unwanted hair can be removed from locations such as shoulders, back, ears etc in men and breasts, legs, face, underarms, lower abdomen and bikini lines in women.
This is one of the treatment that has to be done by an experienced dermatologist for desired results so one must go for a permanent solution for hair removal and in parlour we will not get the permanent solutions.

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