Beard Hair transplant
What is beard hair transplant?

Beard hair transplant is a procedure in which hair is taken from one part of your body and then transplanted to the face. The transplanted hair follicles can be chosen one by one for matching the facial hair. The use of the latest designed implanting tools ensures complete control over the direction and depth of implanted hair which in turn creates natural looking and nice facial hair structure.

Why is the procedure?

The procedure is suited for people who are looking to achieve a specific type of beard or facial hairstyle.

What are the indications of this treatment?

While there are no specific indications for the treatment, it can be opted for by any man who is looking to accentuate his physical appearance.

Things to Know

There is no definite age group associated with beard hair transplant. Any adult individual may opt for this procedure.

The procedure is extremely safe and involves little to no pain.

Beard hair transplant may give rise to some temporary side effects such as redness, irritation and itchiness of the treated area along with numbness, soreness and swelling of the face.

The results are permanent although initially a few weeks after the procedure the beard hair may fall off. However, this is only temporary and the beard is going to grow back normally after some time to give rise to a full bearded look.

Individuals looking to go through the beard hair transplant procedure must not take medications that consist of aspirin from 10 days prior to the transplant. They should also refrain from drinking alcohol and take any anti-inflammatory medication for 3 days before this procedure. Also taking vitamin C tablet for one whole week prior to the transplant can help in the healing process. The tablet should be taken once per day. Drinking caffeinated beverages should be avoided at all costs on the morning of the procedure as it can lead to enhanced bleeding as well as sensitivity to medications.

Experts strongly recommend the procedure for a smooth and stylish look of the beard.

It is best to conduct this procedure in isolation.

The doctor is going to recommend some antibiotic medications and antibiotic ointment which can be applied for some time after the procedure.
There is hardly any downtime associated with beard hair transplant.
The treatment can only induce sensations that resemble mild pinching without any serious pains.
It takes about 5 hours for a single duration of this procedure.
As the name of the procedure suggests, the treatment is meant for the chin and face as it deals with beard transplant.

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