FUT Hair Transplant
What is FUT Hair Transplant treatment?

FUT Hair Transplant is a specialized hair transplant procedure, which encompasses the shifting of small hair clusters recognized as follicular units from a donor area and thenthe clusters are embedded into a selectedrecipient area. Usually a fringe of hair is chosen as donor that is located around the head. The naturally occurring hair can definitely give rise to great results when they are properly transplanted. The can definitely give rise to naturally growing hair in due course of time.

Why is the procedure?

FUT Hair Transplant is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways of hair transplant. Here are some of the situations in which it is deemed to be perfect.

  • Hair loss or receding hairline in the front
  • Major loss of hair along the top and on the crown area
  • Receding hairline around the temple area
  • It can help in increasing the volume of hair in areas that have scarce hair
  • The procedure is perfect for covering scars in the scalp, beard oreyebrow caused by burns or injuries
  • The hair can be smoothly transplanted in moustache, beard, eyelashes and eyebrows

Things to Know

Currently, FUT treatment is one of the most widely practiced means of hair transplant and it is known to deliver impeccable results for most people suffering from hair loss.
There is no such specific age group which is considered to be well suited for this procedure. In fact, most patients suffering from hair loss can actually opt for this procedure due to its high effectiveness.
The treatment is safe but every now and then there can be some minor complications depending on the case of each patient. It is important to note that the results obtained from FUT hair transplant varies from one person to another.
Patients undergoing FUT hair transplant may sometimes experience infections, though they are less likely as antibiotics are used prior to and after the surgery. There can also be noticeable scarring of the area, changes in skin pigmentation and poor wound healing.
A patient may need to undergo a few or many sessions before the results become permanent.
The doctor in charge of the FUT hair transplant procedure will let you know about the precautions which can vary from one case to another.
Hair care experts strongly recommend FUT procedure due to its high effectiveness.
The FUT hair transplant is a full on comprehensive treatment on its own and ideally performed in isolation.
The patient is required to use some of the antibiotics even after the treatment.
There is a downtime of about 2 to 4 weeks after the FUT hair transplant procedure.
There can be minor sensations of pains after the FUT hair transplant procedure. This can actually vary from one case to another. In any case, the doctor is going to use a local anesthetic before the procedure.
A session of FUT hair transplant procedure may take somewhere around 4 hours.
FUT hair transplant is mostly suitable for hair transplantation of the scalp.

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