Long hair Transplant
What is Long Hair Transplant treatment?

Long Hair Transplant is a unique hair transplant procedure that can be used for patients who must have large volume of hair in the quickest possible time. It is ideal for people who are looking to be a part of a major function or event like a wedding or a business presentation in about 2 to 3 weeks.

Why is the procedure?

The great advantage of Long Hair Transplant is that it requires only a single session to grow thick wavy hair that look both natural and beautiful. It can also be opted for by people who are looking to camouflage some scars or skin marks.

What are the indications of this treatment?

It is perfect for all people looking to achieve faster hair growth with brilliant quality.

Things to Know

It can be availed by both men and women who have been struggling with hair loss issues.
The treatment is absolutely safe and can offer reliable results every time.
The transplanted hair may fall in some cases after a period of 3 months and then start growing again normally as before.
The results are more or less permanent for this procedure.
The medical expert is going to inform the patient if in case he or she needs to follow any preoperative or postoperative precautions.
The procedure is strongly recommended by experts.
Long Hair Transplant is best performed in isolation as a separate treatment method.
The doctor is going to recommend some medications that should be used for some time after the treatment.
There is not much downtime after Long Hair Transplant procedure. The patient can get back to normal life immediately and can expect the results to be apparent quite fast.
The Long Hair Transplant procedure does not cause any kind of pains.
It takes only a single session of hair transplantation which can span for a few hours.
The Long Hair Transplant procedure is mainly suitable for people who are struggling with scalp baldness.

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