Repair Hair transplant
What is Repair Hair Transplant treatment?

Repair Hair Transplant or Hair Transplant Repair is a process that aims to correct the results obtained from a previous hair transplant procedure. Patients who have undergone a poor quality hair transplant procedure in the past and are unhappy with the results sign up for the Hair Transplant Repair procedure.

Why is the procedure?

The Repair Hair Transplant procedure is meant to correct the issues caused by a previously carried out hair transplant that ended badly. Several factors can eventually cause people to opt for a Repair Hair Transplant procedure.

  • Poorly transplanted or sufficiently large grafts made in the frontal hairline may look like “doll hair” or “hair plugs”.
  • The frontal hairline might be placed substantially forward
  • Scarring around the extraction and the donor areas of scalp
  • Transplanted hair being placed in wrong direction

Things to Know

The treatment can be availed by anyone who has undergone a hair transplant procedure in the past and is not happy with the results.
There is no specific age group associated with the procedure.
The treatment is completely safe and strongly recommended for people who have undergone a faulty hair transplant procedure.
There are no side effects associated with the procedure.
The corrective results of hair transplant are permanent.
The precautions associated with the procedure vary from one case to another and can only be recommended by the medical expert.
The experts strongly recommend this procedure for anyone who has been struggling due to the effects of a faulty hair transplant procedure.
It is best to perform this treatment in isolation.
The medical professionals may recommend some antibiotics after the completion of the procedure.
There is not much downtime associated with the procedure.
The procedure is not painful at all.
The treatment takes about a few hours to complete.
The procedure is primarily meant for the scalp as most of the aesthetic anomalies associated with hair transplant occur in that area only.

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