Pseudo Acanthosis Nigricans
What Is Acathosis Nigrians?

Acanthuses nigricans is also called as keratosis nigricans. It is an abnormal skin condition where darkness occurs on the folds of different parts of the body. It appears when there is rapid reproduction of epidermal skin cells, it is most commonly seen in people who are obese and have higher level of insulin in the blood and sometimes it can be seen due to medication, cancer and other medical condition. They appear like dark, velvety patch and can be seen on the groin area, neck, and armpits. The skin looks thickened where it is affected.

What is the cause of Acanthosis Nigricans?

There are many causes for acanthuses nigricans like

  • Growth hormone therapy
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Medical conditions like Addison’s disease.
  • Medications like oral contraceptives
  • Obesity
  • Cancer (rare).

Things to Know

Acanthosis Nigricans can occur at any age but manny a times this condition can occur during childhood or puberty, and at the age of 40, most frequently.

No, there is no gender predilection for this condition. But yes people who are obese are more prone to this condition.

A stressful life, inadequate water intake, lack of nutrients in diet, lack of sleep, being awake late night, excessive use of electronics, can aggravate this condition. It is important to take proper rest & take out time from your busy schedule and start doing some meditation

Yes, family history plays a very important role, some times it can be hereditary.

Acanthosis nigicans cannot only be solved by medication, but other than medications there are other treatments which can contribute to combat this condition. As acanthosis nigicans is related to obesity and rapid weight gain so weight management is very important.

It is generally seen in obese patients and in people who rapidly gain weight, significantly seen in the deep folds of neck, back , groin, armpits. so weight management is very important. Some medication are prescribed by the doctor after the assessment. Some procedural treatment like fractional laser can also help in treating this condition, but PRP plays a very important role in extracting out the excessive pigmentation and gradually the skin heels and becomes normal like the adjacent one.

All the treatment done are safe ,if the treatment is done by an experienced dermatologist. Correct diagnosis of this condition is very important. And it usually depends upon person to person, how one responds to the treatment.

No there are no side effects of the treatment.
One must follow all the instructions carefully before and after the treatment. Keep monitoring weight changes regularly as weight loss itself helps in treating the condition. Keep a healthy diet. Inform doctor if any change in the colour or an abnormality.
Patients who see a sudden onset of pigmentation on the body are suitable candidate for this treatment. Even in young children this condition is seen sometimes. So a consultation is very mandatory before we decide on anything.
Yes, this condition can come back after the treatment as medication and other procedural treatment helps but weight management is also mandatory.
According to Dr Shail Gupta, MD (renowned dermatologist) says that some times this condition is associated with hormonal disorder, so proper assessment is a must to find out the root cause and treat it accordingly.
A prior consultation is required with the dermatologist to understand the need of the treatment. Medicines work hand in hand with the procedural treatments. Selection of the right treatment according to your need is very much necessary. Knowing the downtime of the individual treatment and its outcome is equally important. After a thorough consultation , patient can opt for the treatment and can get it done after taking a prior appointment as per his/her availability.

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