Skin and hair care tips for colourful HOLI

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Holi is the festival of colors.It is celebrated in all the parts of India and even outside India. As the festival Holi is famous for putting colors on each other so, here are some skin and hair care tips to keep yourself well protected from the harmful effects of colors.

Apply a nice thick layer of oil all over the scalp and a generous amount of moisturizer all over the face & body to make a barrier between your skin and the color, so that the color does not bond with the skin an edit can be easily washed off.

Take utmost care to use herbal,eco friendly & easy to clean organic colors and avoid harmful colors to prevent yourself from infections and allergic skin reactions Avoid sun exposure, as it can lead to tanning or photo dermatitis. In case of any irritation or burning in the skin, consult your dermatologist.

Play safe, let the magic of the colors,water balloons & fragrance spread everywhere.
Wish you a Happy Holi to all the friends & family.

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