Skin Allergy
What is skin allergy?

Skin allergy is a skin reaction to an allergen or irritant. It is caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system which can be due to an external allergen coming in contact with the skin. Skin allergy may manifest as redness, itching, development of rashes on the skin & sometimes even oozing of the skin.

What are the causes of skin allergy?

Skin allergy may be because of exogenous factors when skin comes in contact with various allergens it can have inflammation, itching, swelling, redness and some times oozing. It can be due to metal allergy, chemical allergy, fragrance, cosmetics, hair colours, dye, soaps, shampoos, oils, topical creams and due to inhalation of some products and it can be due to endogenous factor like food products.

Which age group is usually affected?

Any age group can be affected by skin allergy.

Things to Know

The underlying allergen has to be found out first to treat such allergies. so that one can understand the pros and cons of the treatment and treat the allergy accordingly.

Different treatment options to treat skin allergy are test patch in which different different allergens are put into the skin, and thats how one can understand the main cause of allergy in one self and treat it accordingly. One can avoid the positive allergen which will help in improving the condition.

Oral anti allergic medicines are given, topical moistures, steroid preparations are also given depending upon the severity of the allergy. Oral steroids or immunosuppressants or other such treatments should be only used under supervision of a dermatologist so that one stays in safe hands. As every treatment and medicines have their pros and cons so to avoid further problems one should only go to a dermatologist.

No gender predilection because skin allergy can happen to anybody, male or female.
After the positive allergen has found out one needs to avoid it. Avoid sun light in exogenous type of skin allergies as it worsens the condition.
According to Dr Ruchi Aggarwal, MD is a renowned dermatologist. One must find out the causes of the allergy as it is the only single most important part of the skin allergy treatment. Many times people use steroids to fight skin allergies which can later be very much harmful because it only gives a temporary and instant results. One does not find out the cause and they do not do anything about it. But if the cause is found out it make the treatment very much easy and effective.
A prior consultation is required with the dermatologist to understand the need of the treatment. You can contact us at he provided numbers or can mail us to book an appointment and we would be very happy to help. After a thorough consultation , patient can opt for the treatment and can get it done after taking a prior appointment as per his/her availability.

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