Facial Contouring
What is facial contouring treatment?

Facial contouring or facial sculpting is a treatment done to correct the shape of the people who have excessive fat. Facial contouring is coming in trend as people have become more conscious about the looks and the way they appear. It enhances facial features and thus making the face look smaller and tapered.

Why do we need this treatment?

Facial contouring can be done for people who are looking to improve certain areas of the face by giving a good outline to the face especially for female patients giving them more feminine features, and for people to treat sagging or loose skin due to ageing.

Things to Know

Facial contouring is beneficial for:-

  • Receding chin or protruding chin.
  • Asymmetric mouth or protruding mouth
  • Square jaws.
  • Protruding cheeks

Facial contouring is a safe procedure, this procedure is done under general anaesthesia, and facial contouring is a time taking procedure as severe changes are done to achieve the results.

  • One needs to understand all the pros and cons of the treatment
  • Before opting for any of the treatment one needs to get proper knowledge.
  • Post op care should be followed.
  • Follow up is a must.
There are few other treatments that need to be combined along with this treatment like.
The procedure usually takes around 2.3-5 hours to perform. The patient recovers within 3 months after the surgery, but the complete effect of the treatment can be seen only after 10-12 months. Sometimes the swelling disappears within a month and gradually one starts gaining confidence again.

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