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What is Glutathione treatment?

Glutathione is a skin whitening injection, which is given to reduce melanin in the skin, as it is the most powerful anti-oxidant that contains amino acids namely glutamic acid, glycine and cysteine. It is used for people who have darken skin. Glutathione is widely used in creams and medicines which are also used for skin whitening. It is available in pills form as well as injectable.

Why do we need this treatment?

Glutathione injection can help in purifying the skin from within thus giving you a more brighter complexion by removing the impurities. The product used in this injection keeps the skin healthy as it contains amino acid which makes it very safe to use.

What are the indications?

Glutathione is given for many health issues and basically it is used for skin whitening.

Things to Know

A fairer skin or lighter skin tone is desired by many people especially in Asia. In other countries also, people are obsessed with fair skin tone so any one who is looking for a lighter skin can get this treatment done. Age is not specified but one can get it done after the age of 16 yrs.
Depending upon the condition of the skin type the treatment should be advised. It s advisable to take it once/twice in a week for at least 8 weeks. It is given as IV ( intravenous) and the dosage is decided accordingly. After 8 weeks , one can come once in two weeks and then may be once in a month for maintenance.
The treatment is safe, if one is getting it done by an experienced dermatologist who has proper knowledge about the treatment and gives the complete information to the patients as well.
There is only one side effect of the treatment that is, if one starts the glutathione injection then he or she should continue treatment for a long time and has to come regularly for the injection which makes the treatment to be difficult to continue thus people tend to stop the treatment in between and one does not get the desired results.
One has to continue the treatment if once stared to get the desired results or to get a lighter skin tone.

One has to continue the treatment if he/she starts.

Follow all the instruction given by the dermatologist.

Use sun screen lotion at an regular interval before going out in the sun

Come for follow up after the treatment.

If any kind of reactions are seen then immediately report the doctor.

According to Dr. Shail gupta, glutathione injection are safe, one can go and get consultation first, after the assessment one can decide what treatment suits his or her skin the best, and thus continue the treatment as and when required
Yes this treatment can be combined with other treatments if required.
One can continue the use of make up as there is no such precaution to use make up after the treatment.
No this treatment does not make your skin sensitive because these injections are given intravenous (IV)
No, there is no down time for this treatment.
As Glutathione is given in injection form through IV so it does makes the treatment painful.
The treatment usually takes around 30 minutes to perform.
Glutathione injections are given through IV cannula, which gets into the body by blood and thus covers the entire body and helping the skin tone to become lighter.
There are many treatments available for skin whitening. But the treatment done at parlour are temporary and does not give the desired results, many products used in the parlour are made up of chemicals which are harmful and can damage the skin from within and outer also. So, one must always consult the dermatologist before undergoing any treatment which are safe and according to the individual.

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