Will quitting smoking improve my skin?

Smoking is one of those habits that people tend to cultivate in their years of youth, even though they may be already aware to a certain degree that it is not good for their health. Apart from affecting the functioning of the heart and lungs, smoking can also have a nasty effect on your skin. Cigarettes have toxins that can lead to different types of skin conditions like skin cancer and premature aging. If you are already suffering from some kind of skin condition, your habit of smoking can make things worse for you. If you are still smoking at the present moment and you find that you are developing skin issues for that, make sure that you consult with a doctor so that you can get the necessary medical attention. Your doctor can let you know about the best ways in which you can minimize your symptoms and also slowly but surely give up smoking. Depending on the nature and severity of your skin condition, it is going to heal as you stop smoking.

People who have a habit of smoking typically notice their skin becoming dry and dull over the years. They can also find that their skin has taken on a yellowish coloration. This is because of the fact that smoking can constrict the blood vessels and make them narrow. This eventually leads to reduced blood flow which means that only limited amounts of oxygen and nutrients can reach the surface of the skin. Tobacco consists of hundreds and thousands of chemicals and they can destroy the elastin and collagen, the main types of connective fibers responsible for keeping skin free of wrinkles and lines. Smoking can also cause the formation of lines in the face. Most of the signs of aging that develop due to smoking are noticed around the breasts and the inner arms where there is a lot of sagging.

This is why doctors and medical practitioners strongly recommend their patients to give up smoking when they come to them with some kind of skin trouble. Once you quit smoking, the blood and the nutrients are going to flow smoothly to the skin’s outer layers and this can enhance the texture and suppleness of the skin. Even though your skin is not going to return fully to the original state that you had before you started to smoke, many of the damaged elements of your skin such as elastin and collagen is going to improve significantly. In fact, the improvements to your skin are going to become noticeable just after a few days from the moment you stop smoking. Your skin’s softness will return and your cheeks are going to become rosier and brighter. The sagginess of your skin is also going to become much less in the process.

Smoking is a habit that often makes the body feel tired and its reflection can also be seen in the skin. Therefore, it is always advisable that you stop smoking as soon as possible since it can do your skin a world of good.

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